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- Expert Jewelry Repair -
Ring Sizing: 

 Gold, platinum & silver rings
 Traditional (torch) & laser procedures
 Stretch/compress procedures
 Ring guards installed
 Sizing beads installed
 Work done on premises 
 Fast turnaround
Diamond Setting: 

 Gold, platinum & silver settings
 Prong, bead, tube & channel settings
 Round & fancy-shaped diamond setting
 Re-tips & re-prongs
 Supply/replace missing stones
 Work done on premises 
 Fast turnaround

 Re-shank rings
 Repair broken chains
 Clasp replacement
 Re-set/re-mount stones
 Supply/install watch batteries
 Rhodium plating
 Refinish (mirror, brush & satin finishes)
 Engrave ring shanks & signet ring tops
 Work done on premises 
 Fast turnaround
Laser Welding: 

 Eyeglass repairs
 Great when pinpoint accuracy is required
 Allows welds next to opals, enamel & 
    other fragile stones & materials
 Precious & non-precious metals repaired
 Used to repair costume jewelry, eyeglass     frames & other small metal parts
 Work done on premises 
 Fast turnaround

Watch repairs - check out Gibson Jewelers (Newton Falls, OH) @ (330) 872-0985
Invisibly-set jewelry repairs - check out Signature Jewelry.
Jim Huesken using a jeweler's torch to solder. Jim is expert at sizing rings, soldering precious metals & setting diamonds using traditional bench tools & techniques. 
Jim Huesken using our state-of-the-art laser welder. Pinpoint accuracy allows work to be performed very near fragile and heat-sensitive stones. Also, eyeglass frames, costume jewelry and small, non-precious metal items can often be repaired.