The people at Ace Diamond spend a good deal of their time examining jewelry and related items for walk-in clients.

“Is this ring platinum? Is it an antique? Are these coins worth anything?”

Ace Diamond is open to examining jewelry and related items that will likely be offered for sale to Ace Diamond, or will be offered as collateral for a loan at Ace Diamond.

Those we've served include:

    ◊ Retail jewelers and diamond dealers who borrow money
      using their inventory as collateral.

   ◊ Estate executors.

   ◊ Churches that have received donated jewelry.

   ◊ Bail bondsmen and others who have been offered gems
      for collateral or partial payment and who need to know
      how much the items could be liquidated for.

    ◊ Individuals monetizing valuables that they inherited, or that
      they acquired through a previous relationship, and now 
      have no interest in.

   ◊ Folks who haunt garage sales and flea markets hoping to  
      make a valuable find.

  ◊ And thousands of others!

There is always someone on the premises at Ace Diamond who is licensed to buy and loan money on your jewelry - stop in at your convenience, 6 days a week.

7110 Market St., Boardman, OH 44512. (330) 629-6363
For information on selling your jewelry, or using your jewelry as collateral for a loan, contact us.
We buy and loan money on diamonds, jewelry and coins...
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